Beavers are on the march to take down forests throughout the world and only you can stop them!

Get ready for fast action fun as you travel the globe tapping beavers. Smash them as they appear from every direction before they take down all the trees. While easy to play in the beginning, the game quickly ramps up the challenge with added bombs to avoid, Power Ups to use, and environmental helpers like the imploding tornado.

  • Over a dozen Beaver types — most have special abilities you’ll need to guard against to win
  • Over 100 levels — Some bite size, some insanely challenging, and many more in between
  • Infinite Mode — Randomly generated levels and modifiers for endless arcade fun
  • Impossible Mode — Unlock with medals, then test your skills against the best
  • Variety of Power Ups — Use them to zap, shoot, and gas your way to victory
  • Achievements Galore — Earn your stripes in variety of challenges
  • Stats — See your average Tapped Beavers per Second, percentage of Trees Saved, and many more
  • Social — brag to your friends how many beavers you took down or share your new accuracy achievement
  • Over a dozen Original Soundtracks — music for every major location

Target launch: May 2015

Beaver Smash is completely free for download.

*Clever Hands Not Included